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  • Start Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:42 am
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  • Santa Barbara, CA


04:41 PM - Peak gusts tonight could top 50mph near the fire. Wind advisory is in place until 5AM. All Evacuation Warnings and road closures remain in Effect Until 8:00 AM Friday.

03:31 PM - Montecito Union School Superintendent Tammy Murphy just sent the following update.

" I am hoping you would appreciate another update. I am sure many of you have watched the news, listened to the radio and searched the internet. I just hung up with MERRAG. The fire is static and is burning on over 60 acres. The fire is not contained. Zones 2, 3 , 4 and 5 are under an evacuation warning. This is many of our families and down the hill to East Valley Road. There have been numerous air drop efforts and large amounts of fire retardant have been laid.

There is caution with the afternoon sun downer winds projected at 30-40 MPH and could make the fire active in the south."

01:49 PM - Good news - John Palminteri from KEYT reports on his Twitter account that the Gibraltar Fire is "boxed" with fire retardant in the Montecito Hills!

01:10 PM - The fire's forward rate of spread has been stopped by firefighters and air tankers, according to Andrew Madsen from Los Padres National Forest. Weather conditions currently favor fire fighting efforts. Crews have been able to go deep into the fire zone and put out those hot spots. The goal is to have the fire fully under control before the winds start picking up again. Source

12:57 PM - Scroll down to the Top Tweets section of this post to see new video including interviews from the ridge where firefighters are working. 5 planes are being used including a DC10 and a couple more helicopters. Fire crews are also on the ground clearing brush and cutting away trees, etc.

11:33 AM - No evacuations have been ordered; however, an evacuation warning is in effect which means people in these zones should be prepared to evacuate should conditions change. Zone 2 was added to the existing zones. Zone 2 is the area of Westmont College. Evacuation Zones 3, 4, and 5 include North of Hwy 192, East of Cold Springs, West of Buena Vista, South of East Camino Cielo.

11:30 AM - New photos posted below.

9:33 AM - Photo from Montecito of one of the 2 tankers and a helicopter working on the fire.

9:28 AM - The incident currently has the following equipment assigned: 1 helicopters, 10 engines, 2 dozers, 2 water tankers and 2 hand crews.

9:14 AM - Reverse 911 just came out about Evac warning. They are not cancelling it at this point and less smoke does not mean there is less threat. Again - evacuation zone is North of Hwy 192, East of Cold Springs, West of Buena Vista, South of East Camino Cielo. (Evacuation Zones 3, 4, and 5 ).

9:04 AM Water Bombers are in the area! Smoke is definitely way down from this morning.

EVAC AREA - Zones 3, 4 and 5. East of Cold Springs, West of Buena Vista, South of East Camino Cielo, North of 192. We made a quick map because on the official one you can't actually make out the streets. Click on the map below to see a larger version.

8:52 AM - Fire at 70 Acres (from 25 acres at 6AM). Moderate spread. KEYT has some updates.

8:12 AM - Text from a friend "Spoke to Mike at Montecito Water. In contact w firefighters. Looks like under control.... No wind helping a lot. Located to W of us behind the first ridge."

8:04 AM - Received confirmation that school is cancelled for Montecito Union (MUS).

7:24AM - Montecito Union School DistrictSuperintendent Tammy Murphy announced that "In the abundance of safety and due to the air quality in our area, we are cancelling school. Our partner, Cold Spring is also cancelling school today."

7:06AM - The view from Montecito - just off Olive Mill Road

6:41 AM - Photo above is the view from Milpas.

5:16 AM - Montecito Fire is on scene of a brush fire that was reported in the area of Montecito Peak at 5:16 am. The fire is a wind driven fire, approximately 25 acres, 1/2 mile off of Camino Cielo, west of Montecito Peak. A Unified Command is being established with Montecito Fire, USFS, Santa Barbara City Fire, and Santa Barbara County Fire.

Firefighters on the way to the fire

Map of affected areas

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